Islamabad (IP)- A large number of women and children also participated in this demonstration held in the federal capital. The demonstrators carried Palestinian flags, while some women also carried symbols of martyred Palestinian children. The participants of protest shouted slogans against the Israeli regime.

Iran PressAsia: Addressing the audience, the representatives of the civil society said that there is no example of such atrocities and brutality in the history that the Israeli regime is presenting.

They said that the number of innocent people who were subjected to brutality in two and a half months did not happen even in the world wars.  

The speakers said that war is always fought against the armed forces, but Israel has targeted children, doctors, journalists, and the civilian population with the worst bombardment. The speakers also demanded to boycott the Israeli products completely which was strongly approved by the participants of the protest.

The participants of the demonstration expressed their determination that until the ongoing brutality of Israel on Palestine is not stopped, the people will continue to take to the streets and raise their voices in favor of their Palestinian brothers.


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