COVIran Barekat

Tehran (IP) – Iran signed an agreement with Nicaragua to export the home-made COVIran Barekat vaccine to the country.

Iran PressIran news:  COVIran Barekat is one of the COVID-19 vaccines produced in Iran, and on May 26, 2021, it received approval for injection from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran. It is an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine; In other words, this vaccine is made from the coronavirus, which is weakened or killed by chemicals.

After the Iranian COVIran Barekat vaccine was registered in the World Health Organization (WHO), the medical item will be exported to Nicaragua on the country's announcement of urgency. 

The Chairman of Barakat Pharmaceutical Group's Board says that about 60 million doses of vaccine have been produced and that it is an excellent opportunity for Iran to export vaccines.

Hossein Jamshidi said: "We have reached this point with Nicaragua, and today; we are signing an agreement, and we have received official requests from 5 other countries while we are negotiating."

The agreement was signed between Iran and Nicaragua with the presence of the Nicaraguan Ambassador to Tehran Isaac Lenin Bravo and the Deputy Minister of Health for International Affairs, Mohammad Hossein Niknam. 

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health, Younes Panahi said that according to research by Iranian scientists, the COVIran Barekat prevents up to 98% of deaths.


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