Latest updates on Iranian COVID-19 vaccines:

Tehran(IP) - The Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health said that according to research by Iranian scientists, the COVIran Barekat prevents up to 98% of deaths.

Iran PressIran News: COVIran Barekat is one of the COVID-19 vaccines produced in Iran, and on May 26, 2021, it received approval for injection from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran. It is an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine; In other words, this vaccine is made from the coronavirus, which is weakened or killed by chemicals.

Researchers at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences have studied four vaccines, Sinopharm, Astrazeneca, COVIran Barekat, and Sputnik, in three areas: infection prevention, hospitalization, and death.

According to Iran Press News Agency, Dr. Younes Panahi at a press conference this morning (Wednesday) held at the Health Studio of the Ministry of Health, in response to a question about the latest research on the effectiveness of vaccines, with the unveiling of the latest article by Iranian scientists, added: "The research, which was performed on one million and eighty thousand people, found that COVIran Barekat vaccine was 87% safe in COVID-19 infection prevention, 86% in prevention of hospitalization, and 98% safe in prevention of death due to coronavirus."

He also said: "Sputnik vaccine has also shown up to 100% effectiveness in preventing death."

Younes Panahi added: "In any case, vaccination does not prevent COVID-19, but research has shown that the severity of the disease is reduced by vaccination."


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