US National Security Adviser John Bolton

US National Security adviser John Bolton has admitted that his country is trying to topple the Venezuelan government.

Iran Press/America: US National Security Adviser John Bolton has said that his country is trying to create a coalition to topple Venezuelan government and its president Nicolas Maduro.

"We are trying to rally support for the peaceful transition of power from (Venezuelan President Nicolas) Maduro to (self-proclaimed so-called interim President of Venezuela) Juan Guaido, whom we recognize as president. I'd like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro, to replace the whole corrupt regime. That's what we are trying to do", Bolton said in an interview with CNN.

National Security Adviser to the White House has made these remarks after his country, in its latest attempt, failed to achieve its aims at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Russia and China vetoed a US-sponsored resolution at the United Nations Security Council, which called for the early presidential election in Venezuela amid ongoing unrest in the Latin American country.

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Earlier on February 27, Russia, China, South Africa, and Equatorial Guinea blocked a US push for a UN Security Council statement to back Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, expressing full support for Venezuela’s National Assembly as the country’s “only democratically elected institution.

Earlier, Russia's foreign minister told his U.S. counterpart that his country is ready to take part in bilateral talks with the United States over the issue of Venezuela, but condemned the threats that Washington made towards the country's lawful leadership, Nicolas Maduro.

After months of economic and political clashes, Venezuela plunged further into chaos in January after Guaido, the former head of the country’s National Assembly, proclaimed himself “interim president” and urged President Nicolas Maduro to resign.

Many countries, including Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey, South Africa, and Uruguay, have condemned the US position, stressing the need to respect Venezuela's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The United States and its allies are pushing for sanctions and supporting the Venezuelan opposition to overthrow the anti-American government in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Iran’s Spanish-language Hispan TV on Feb 23, Nicolas Maduro said his government takes US military threats seriously and is already making preparations to protect borders and territorial integrity, with advanced weapons supplied by Russia and China and participation of millions of paramilitary forces.  212/211/104

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