Feb 23, 2019 13:28 Asia/Tehran
  • Venezuela army ready for US military action: President Maduro

Venezuela President warned the United States against any kind of military action in Caracas, stressing that Venezuela's army with its advanced weapons stands ready to face any aggression.

Iran Press/America: In an exclusive interview with Iran’s Spanish-language Hispan TV, Nicolas Maduro said his government takes US military threats seriously and is already making preparations to protect borders and territorial integrity, with advanced weapons supplied by Russia and China and participation of millions of paramilitary forces.

Maduro stated that we recently held five days of maneuvers. We have upgraded our entire military and expanded our popular paramilitary forces, whose numbers will reach two million by April.

Maduro rejected the possibility of the military turning against the Venezuelan government and added that Venezuela armed forces will abide by the Constitution and act united with their morality, doctrine and strategy.

The Venezuelan head of state slammed Washington for slapping sanctions on the country’s national petroleum company and called it a plot to transfer Venezuela's largest source of revenue to the hands of opposition leader and 'self-declared interim president Juan Guaido'.

Venezuela president emphasized that unless US imposed sanction would cause problems for economy, but we will overcome these conditions and Venezuela will sell its oil in the international markets and we will receive the income in time.

Maduro also blasted US President Trump for adopting an extremist, unwise and improper position against Venezuela and said Trump has an eye on the Venezuela's wealth and rich energy resources.

Venezuela President 

Venezuela will move on from all these acts of aggression. We will teach them a big lesson and promote our political, economic and social life, Maduro said, adding, the battle is to protect not only Venezuela, but also independence, dignity, humanity and international law.

The Venezuelan president said that the era for coups and military invasions has ended. The current century is no time for neo-imperialism and slavery.

He also denounced the European Union’s recognition of opposition leader Guaido as interim leader, said that EU is making a fundamental mistake and advising the European countries to lend an ear to the truth.

Political tensions have been running high in the South American country since late January, when Western-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido abruptly declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela in an attempt to dispute last year’s re-election of Maduro.

US President Donald Trump after recognizing Guaido, threatened Venezuela by saying military intervention is an option to support Guaido.101/211/205


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