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Gaza (IP) - The Spokesman of Palestine's Islamic Jihad Movement (PIJ) says the meeting between the Palestinian Resistance leaders has been constructive.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Secretary-General of Palestine's Jihad Movement Ziyad al-Nakhalah and the Head of the Political Bureau of Palestine's Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Ismail Haniyeh recently met each other in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

During the meeting, Haniyeh admired the PIJ's resistance against the 5-day Israeli war on Gaza and called it proud-bringing.

The Spokesman of PIJ Tariq Selmi told IranPress correspondence in Gaza the meeting between the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Hamas movements was important, where both sides emphasized the alignment of the two movements to confront the Israeli regime. 

In the meeting, opinions were exchanged on various issues including the continuation of the Israeli regime's organized terrorist attacks on the Palestinian people, settlement construction, the continuation of the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the siege of the Gaza Strip, Selmi said. 

He also said that the consolidation of the relations between the two movements and the strengthening of the Palestinian resistance were emphasized considering the daily crimes of the Israeli regime against the Palestinians.

PIJ's spokesman said that the meeting showed that the two movements are in constant confrontation against the Israeli regime, the end of which is possible only with the termination of the regime's occupation of Palestine.


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