Pakistan (IP) - The dean of a Pakistani university stated that the late Founder of Iran's Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (RA) interpreted salvation and humanity for the oppressed people.

Iran PressAsia: Referring to the personality of Imam Khomeini, the dean of a Pakistani university Imtiyaz Razavi said that Imam Khomeini's personality is modern and belongs to the modern era.

Imam Khomeini presented an interpretation of Islam that is important for the salvation of mankind. At a time when people were away from religion and considered religion as something that has nothing to do with society and life, Imam Khomeini not only rejected this false theory but also implemented it in action.

The Pakistani academician noted that the personality, and influence of Imam Khomeini is also very important because he was a great person, and we see the effect of his purity and divinity in society.

"We can see his influence not only in Iran but also in other societies. If we see a movement in the world that encounters oppression, it must have taken the influence of Imam Khomeini's movement and thought, and it is a great point that one person can present a distinctive character, as the character and actions of Imam Khomeini that influenced the society because his character is inspired by the character of the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Imam Khomeini gave courage to oppressed

President of Pakistan's Muslim Scholars termed Imam Khomeini as a great and revolutionary figure who gave courage to the oppressed.

On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise, Gardizi said that Imam Khomeini is a great figure in history, especially in the history of Islam.

"His character is unique which has affected the world," he said, adding: "Even in the current situation of Pakistan, we feel Imam Khomeini's influence. Whoever wants to present his own revolutionary character, they compare themselves to Imam Khomeini; Imam Khomeini is remembered and admired by the oppressed class."

The Pakistani Islamic figure said Imam Khomeini had a great influence on society, especially on the weak class, noting that today it is the weak class of the society who is encountering the oppression. 

Imam Khomeini gave courage to the oppressed societies, and this is the impact of Imam Khomeini's thoughts on the world, he reiterated.    

Imam Khomeini offered freedom to freedom-seekers

Pakistani social activist stated that Imam Khomeini offered freedom to the freedom seekers of the world.

On the 34th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise, Pakistani social activist Soghrai Habib said: "In the blessed life of Imam Khomeini, we can see the message of freedom that was issued to all freedom seekers in the Islamic Revolution of Iran."

"Imam Khomeini sent messages of freedom and salvation to all the oppressed around the world, for example, to the people of Kashmir, Palestine, and also for all the Islamic countries that were ruled by tyranny," she said.

She referred to the theory of Islamic government for all societies and said that it was useful for all the oppressed who encountered tyranny.


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