Kashmiri youths:

Kashmir (IP)- A group of Kashmiri students told about their ideas about the Late Imam Khomeini and they unanimously pointed out his specific characteristics calling him a bright light for every oppressed and deprived person in today's era.

Iran PressAsia: The 14th of Khordad 1402 (June 4, 2023) is the anniversary of the departure of the Late Imam Khomeini (RA), the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Hilal Akbar," a Kashmiri student said in an interview with Iran Press: "Imam Khomeini was a spiritual and political leader who led the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Through his education and training, he inspired the people to seek justice and create a fair social order."

Imam Khomeini had some influence on me. His teachings forced me to consider the importance of justice, human rights, and social order, he added.

A female student "Asmat zehra", while talking to the Iran press said: "Imam Khomeini (RA) was a great revolutionary man of the 20th century. Such people are born after centuries on whom God has special grace."

Imam Khomeini is a bright light for every oppressed and deprived person in today's era. Any way of salvation and political, economic, and social development can be taken far by following his ideas and ideals." 

Another youth "Muzamil Hussain", said in an interview: "In this era, the solution to the problems faced by the Muslims in the oppressed nations of Palestine, Yemen, and elsewhere is only in unity and solidarity. Ayatollah Khomeini has also mostly emphasized the unity in his sayings. He continued to teach mutual unity throughout his life."

Another Kashmiri youth "Touseef Zaffar" in an interview with Iran Press said: "According to Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, if the name of the Islamic Revolution is said anywhere in the world, it is not recognized without the name of Imam Khomeini. Imam Khomeini's great personality freed the people of Iran from the corrupt monarchy, he said."

A student "Aqib Javeed" while talking to Iran press reporter, said: "Imam Khomeini (ra) declared Islamic education and pieces of training as his most important detailed goal. He started new schemes of Islamic education and training in Iran, built mosques, promoted the teaching of religious studies, and promoted religious books. He encouraged Shia scholars for academic and religious guidance."


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