Rome(IP)- The foreign relations officer of the Italian-Arab Association (Al-Sadaqah) in Rome said: Imam Khomeini was a distinguished personality who changed the world.

Iran PressEurope: "Talal Kharis" in an exclusive interview with Iran Press reporter in Rome, while commemorating the 34th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise, noted: One of the characteristics of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran was the spirit of fighting arrogance and support for the oppressed around the world.

Emphasizing that the Italian-Arab Association commemorates the outstanding figure of Imam Khomeini every year, he added: Imam Khomeini changed the world, changed the life of the Iranian people, and changed the international political system as well.

The foreign relations officer of Al-Sadaqah Association said: "This is why today the oppressed people of the world know very well that they have the right to life, they have the right to enjoy peace and they have the right to work. This right-seeking is the result of Imam Khomeini's thoughts.

Talal Kharis emphasized: "The Italian-Arab Association has been and will remain a friend of the Islamic Republic of Iran since its establishment in Italy."

Kharis also pointed to the psychological war of the West against Iran and stated: "Although the political system dominated by the US in Europe tries to prevent the development of Iran, many people, society, cultural circles, and intellectuals are interested in the Islamic Republic of Iran".

The foreign relations officer of al-Sadaqah added: "They know very well that the news published in the Western media about Iran is nothing more than fake and conspiracies."


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