Tehran (IP) - The President's Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs says that there are experts in Afghanistan's water industry who are left over from the previous government and are against Iran's influence.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Kazemi Qomi said in an interview With IRIB: "The dam's valves on Hirmand river have technical problems, but despite the fact that the Taliban assured that water would come, due to these problems, only 27 million cubic meters of water came to Iran."

The special representative of the president in Afghan affairs added: The important thing is that the experts who are working in Afghanistan's water industry are against Iran's water rights, they are affiliated with the previous government and are in contact with foreigners so they don't interested in giving water rights of Iran and we have told it to the Taliban many times.

"We told the Taliban that you want to give water and you announce it, but it will not happen, because these experts are opposing."

On Sunday, the president called to pursue Iran's water right to the Hirmand River.

Dr. Raisi emphasized the importance of Iran's water right to the Hirmand River and asked the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Energy to follow up on the issue seriously.

Iran's Energy Minister, Ali Akbar Mehrabian also said the country is to make some important decisions with regard to securing its water rights from the Helmand River in Afghanistan.


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