Palestine (IP) - After Benjamin Netanyahu announced the postponement of the judicial reforms bill, the leaders of the Israeli protest movement declared that they did not trust him and would continue the street protest.

Iran PressMiddle East: The protests, which were triggered three months ago due to Netanyahu's plan to reform the regime's judiciary, reached their peak on Monday with the resignation of the Bibi cabinet's minister of defense Yoav Galant. 

Yet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the reforms would be postponed to a summer session of the Knesset.  

Israel's TV network I24 reported that the leaders of the protests have not been satisfied with Netanyahu and called for the continuation of the demonstrations, because they believed that Netanyahu and his cabinet would practice their intended reforms strongly in the future. 

One of the leaders, Chikma Pressler, said that Netanyahu's statements were just an attempt to undermine the wave of the protests and activate his dictatorship. 

Still another leader Nadav Galon said that the protests showed that the people basically did not trust Netanyahu's words. 

According to the Israeli media, around 115,000 Israelis gathered on Monday in front of the Knesset in Tel Aviv to express their opposition to Bibi's controversial plan. 


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