Gaza (IP)- Israeli soldiers shot at Palestinian youths in the Aqabat Jabr camp, southern Jericho, north of the West Bank, and a number of them were injured and arrested.

Iran PressMiddle East: During the armed attack of the Israeli forces on the "Aqabat Jabr" camp on Monday evening, six Palestinians were injured and two others were arrested.

Aqabat Jaber is a Palestinian refugee camp in the Jericho Governorate of the eastern West Bank, situated in the Jordan Valley, three kilometers southwest of Jericho.

In this attack, Israeli soldiers fired bullets and poison gas at Palestinians and their houses.

"Nasser Anani", the head of Jericho Hospital, said that during the attack of Israeli soldiers on the Aqabat Jabr camp, four Palestinian citizens, including a child, were injured by a war bullet, and a number of others were injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet.

Palestinian Prisoners Club announced that since the beginning of 2023, about 90 Palestinians have been arrested in the Jericho region which is called Ariha in Arabic. 


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