London (IP) - Hundreds of Palestinian supporters and opponents of the Israeli regime staged protests to condemn the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to Britain before 10 Downing Street.

Iran PressEurope: Hundreds of Palestinian supporters and opponents of the Israeli regime protested against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Britain in front of the British Prime Minister's residence.

10 Downing Street is the official residence and the office of the British Prime Minister.

Protestors in London called for the end of the British government's support of the Israeli regime.

This protest was held at the same time as Netanyahu and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met at 10 Downing Street and amid strict security measures.

A number of representatives of the people of Northern Ireland in the British Parliament, representatives of labor and employee unions, anti-war organizations, and peace supporters delivered speeches during the anti-Netanyahu protests.

The speakers considered the reception of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime shameful and condemned the continued support of the United States and the United Kingdom to Israel.

In their slogans, the demonstrators in London also considered the intifada of the Palestinian people as the only way to liberate Palestine from the Israeli occupation and emphasized the necessity of unity of all freedom-seekers to confront the Israeli regime.

Also, during the anti-Netanyahu demonstration, Israelis living in Britain chanted against the Prime Minister of Israel and emphasized to Benjamin Netanyahu: "You are a racist."

One of the participants in this demonstration, who introduced himself as a member of the "Coalition for Sympathy with Palestine", told the Iranpress correspondent: "I knew it was my duty to be present in this demonstration." The fact that Netanyahu is in London shows that Britain supports him."

He added: "Our government supports Israel's policies, including its military policy, but we tell the Palestinian people that we support you."

A law student in London, of East Asian origin, also told Iran Press correspondent:

" As a leftist person, I am naturally a supporter of the Palestinian people. In the left wing, one should always take the side of the oppressed. Compared to the Palestinians, Israel has more wealth and an army and is supported by powerful partners."

During the anti-Netanyahu protests, a young rabbi told Iran Press correspondent:

"We are protesting against the visit of the Prime Minister of Israel to Britain. The act of Zionism in forming a government and killing people is a crime according to the Jewish religion. We have come to condemn all Israeli crimes against Palestinians, which is a criminal act according to the Jewish religion."

An old man who was present at the demonstration with his wife told the Iranpress correspondent: "We have come to support the Palestinian people."


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