Istanbul (IP)- The products of Iranian knowledge-based industries were displayed for visitors at the Istanbul International Exhibition.

Iran PressAsia: The 30th medical equipment exhibition and the 16th oil, gas, petrochemical, equipment and technology exhibition of Eurasian countries started with the presence of Iranian knowledge-based companies in the international exhibition center of Istanbul, Turkey (Tüyap).

The 30th International Medical Equipment Exhibition and the 16th International Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Equipment and Technology Exhibition have started from March 16 to 18, 2023, with the presence of manufacturers from Eurasian countries.

"Gholamreza Rezaeiyan", the director of Iran's booths at the Istanbul exhibition, said: "For the first time, two booths of knowledge-based companies of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be exhibited in international exhibitions, including advanced knowledge-based products, and export contracts will be concluded."

The director of Iran's booths at the Istanbul exhibition added: "16 companies are present in the medical equipment sector and 23 Iranian knowledge-based companies are present in the oil and gas and advanced energy industries sector."

Hamid Watandost, technical and credit manager of Iran's Advanced Industries Support Fund, also referring to the high capacity of Iran's advanced products to be present in world markets, said: "In this exhibition, the opportunity for Iran's advanced products to appear in international markets, especially in Central Asia, the countries of the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries are provided.


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