Shiraz(IP)- For the first time in the world, Iranian Cardiovascular surgery specialists at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences invented and performed successfully a new method for tricuspid heart valve surgery on a teenager.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the design and use of a triple heart valve for a 14-year-old teenager in Shiraz, Dr. Ahmad Ali Amirghofran told reporters on Tuesday: This patient had completely lost his triple heart valve and after performing this operation, He smiled at life again.

This specialist in cardiovascular surgery added: Heart valve diseases are one of the most common problems of patients, and they often try to repair the valves, but in case of severe damage to the valves or if they are completely destroyed, the only practical solution is to replace them.

He also listed the available valves, often including metallic or biological, or animal valves, and said: using each of these valves comes with challenges; In the case of metal valves, most of the life-long use of anticoagulants and the chance of clots, as well as in the case of animal valves, the deterioration of the valve due to the immune response of the host body over time and the need for replacement can be among these challenges.

According to Dr. Ahmad Ali Amirghofran, In the first case which was done about 10 years ago, a valve was designed from the auricle of the patient's right atrium, which is a redundant tissue.

Moreover, It was prepared and used for the patient's pulmonary valve, and then, to determine the long-term or medium-term effectiveness of this valve, after five years, the patient underwent angiography, and to our surprise, we observed that the valve shows a very high efficiency; Therefore, since 2017, this work has been done in a more extensive and standardized way for patients, and it has been used in 140 patients so far, which has brought very satisfactory results.

In this surgery method, the right atrial valve is placed in the position of the tricuspid valve. A valve was used, which due to the greater complexity of the tricuspid valve compared to the pulmonary valve, the steps of making the valve and its operation required a more complex architecture and design, but fortunately, it was performed in one patient and the post-surgery examinations also indicated complete success.


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