Tehran (IP) - The Chief Commander of the IRGC in his meeting with the Iraqi Defense Minister voiced readiness to play an effective role in providing military advisory assistance as well as the exchange of achievement and experiences in the field of counter-terrorism, including in the field of training at the lower levels to the higher levels of the Iraqi armed forces.

Iran PressIran news: Maj. Gen. Salami, the Chief Commander of the IRGC, and Thabit Mohammad Saeed Reza, the Minister of Defense of Iraq emphasized the exchange of experiences and achievements in the fight against terrorism and the threats of trans-regional powers.

Putting Emphasis on the development of Tehran-Baghdad defense, military, and security cooperation, according to Iran Press news agency, the commander of the Revolution Guards, during a meeting with the Iraqi Minister of Defense and the accompanying delegation at the headquarters of the General Command of the Revolution Guards, said: "There is no distance between Iran and Iraq and the logic of our belief always keeps us in this space."

Major General Salami added: "Our desire for the pride of Iraq is as real as the desire for pride for our country, and in the political geography of the Islamic world, we consider Iraq to be of unique importance."

Pointing out that based on the precious experience of 44 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, stable, safe, and strong neighbors are very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran, Major General Salami emphasized:

"We are looking for a strong authority for Iraq, while the Americans and the Zionists seek to dominate the region and create insecurity in Iraq and Iran."

Stressing that there is insecurity wherever the Americans are, the Chief Commander of the IRGC added: "These oppressed people are paying the heavy price for the Americans' self-interest, and Islamic Iran's rationale for expelling the Americans from the region is based on this."

Major General Salami said: "Despite the reduction of American presence in the region, we are witnessing the painful phenomenon of the normalization of relations between some Arab Islamic countries and the Zionists."

In the end, the IRGC Chief commander pointed out the importance of developing cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of defense, military, and security, and emphasized the unity and integrity of Iraq saying: "As the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, we are ready to play an effective role in this regard, in addition to Military advisory assistance and exchange of experiences and achievements resulting from cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism, in other fields, including in the field of training at the lower levels to the higher levels of the Iraqi armed forces.

In addition, the Minister of Defense of Iraq thanked the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their support for the fight against Takfiri terrorism and Daesh in Iraq and said: "Thank you for making your first official trip after taking charge of the Ministry of Defense of Iraq. To Iran, I am very pleased, you and I are brothers and we are thinking of developing the existing relations and cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries."

Thabit Mohammad Saeedreza added: "The IRGC has had great cooperation with Iraq in the fight against Daesh and Takfiris, and the symbol of this cooperation is the martyrdom of the two commanders of Iran and Iraq, martyr Haj Qasim Soleimani and martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis."

The Minister of Defense of Iraq pointed out that the current government of Iraq has made a firm resolution and a serious effort to strengthen the country's defense base and emphasizes the establishment of joint commissions between the two countries to promote interactions and cooperation.

Thabit Mohammad Saeedreza described the deepening of cooperation to strengthen security on the borders of the two countries as a necessary matter and stated: "Our approach is to take advantage of Iran's experiences in all fields, especially in the field of defense and security, and we are interested in sending technical expert delegations. Let's follow Iran's use of experiences and educational cooperation more than in the past."


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