Iran's President has told Iraq’s defense minister that the Arab country must not be turned into a place for plotting against neighbors.

Iran PressIran News: The Iraqi Defense Minister Thabet Muhammad Saeed Al-Abbasi arrived in the Islamic Republic of Iran at the head of a high-level delegation, receiving an official invitation from his Iranian counterpart. During the official visit, he will discuss Iraqi-Iranian bilateral ties and ways to develop relations to serve the military establishment.

Ebrahim Raisi described the Iran-Iraq border as one of friendship and cooperation.

Raisi added that Iran considers Iraq’s security its own security and supports efforts to strengthen its stability and security.

The president underlined that Iran also backs all efforts aimed at economic and military reconstruction of Iraq.

In the meeting, the visiting Iraqi defense chief thanked Iran for its full support of the Iraqi people during the foreign invasion of the country and also during the onslaught by the Daesh terrorist group.