President has hailed the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as the standard bearer of defending divine values, saying, "Today, with the Iranian nation's support, the IRGC is stronger than ever."

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Friday afternoon during his trip to West Azerbaijan Province, Ebrahim Raisi had a meeting with the members of the IRGC on the occasion of the Revolutionary Guard's Day and congratulated all the Muslims and free people of the world on the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Hussein (AS).

The President stated, "Since its establishment, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, as a diligent and efficient force in defending the religion, the Quran, and the values of the Islamic Revolution, and the protection of the land of Iran, has shown courage and bravery, and has a brilliant and honorable record in defending the Islamic Revolution, faithfully helping the people in various incidents and building the country's infrastructure".

Raisi said, "The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has always been a security creator and security builder even beyond the borders of the country in the region".

The President added, "Unlike the enemy's military forces, who always seek to conquer countries and promote mischief, the Iranian forces have created security and dealt with evil wherever they have been present. While the enemy's activity in the region has resulted in the creation of ISIS and terrorist groups, Iranian forces have made a brilliant record of fighting terrorism, and Haj Qasem Soleimani is the hero of fighting terrorism in the region and dealing with evildoers and insecurity".

The President continued by stating that the IRGC has a brilliant record in the field of social issues, as well as identifying and dealing with unhealthy and impure elements, and added, "Today, the IRGC is a refuge and shelter for the people in their injuries and problems, as well as a base and community center for the young".

Raisi said, "Many people consider Basij as a refuge to meet their executive, practical, and intellectual needs, and Basij bases in every part of the country are venues for those who love the Revolution and warriors of the path of God".

The President further called the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as the standard bearer of defending divine values and said, "Today, the old ignorance with a modern form and method, equipped with science and technology and supported by great powers and the media empire, commits the most heinous and ugly acts in societies, but the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is proud to defend divine values".

Raisi called the obedience of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic to the Supreme Jurist of the Islamic Republic as one of the secrets of the sanctity of the armed forces of our country compared to the military forces of other countries.

The President continued, "This firm position, full of divine motivations, has made the IRGC an effective group today, whose enemies shudder when they hear its name".Ayatollah Raisi stated that the enemies thought that by assassinating our generals and commanders they could create fear and doubt in the hearts of the people and our armed forces, adding, "The enemies failed in the economic war and the propaganda and media war just as they failed in the military war with repeated miscalculations".

Raisi emphasized, "Today, with the support of the Iranian people, the IRGC is stronger than ever and our enemies are weaker than ever".

Elsewhere in his speech, the President stated that the country is progressing in various fields and that IRGC has played a very effective role in this progress, stating, "We are sure that with the help of Almighty God and the blood of Imam Hussein (AS), the country will move forward and will not be stopped by any threats or sanctions, and will shine more and more in the world day by day".

Raisi added, "Some thought that the Islamic Republic would be shaken by the recent events, but according to the leader of the Islamic Revolution, the mighty tree of the Islamic Revolution is stronger and more stable than ever because it has grown with the blood of the sincerest children of this country".

The President concluded, "Today, anyone who wants to threaten this system with corruption and inefficiency, should know that this system is clean and will not accept corruption".