IP - According to the officials and medics with more than 7,108 people dying in Türkiye and at least 2,530 in Syria, total deaths reached 9,630. But Rescue workers at the sites in both countries say that the situation is worse than expected and could still increase dramatically with severe cold weather.

Iran PressAsia: Türkiye's disaster management authority has raised the official death toll from Monday’s quake to 7,108 people. The combined total, with at least 2,662 officially recorded death in Syria, has reached 9,770.

More than 40,910 people were injured in Türkiye and 4,654 in Syria reached the casualties of more than 42 people.

The number of victims in Türkiye and Syria is climbing quickly more than 48 hours after earthquakes leveled cities and towns in the two countries.

Rescue workers are looking for people still trapped under the rubble in freezing weather, with temperatures in Gaziantep, near the epicenter in southern Türkiye , dropping to the low 20s overnight.

Meanwhile, survivors in Türkiye have expressed increased frustration over what they say has been a slow delivery of aid, while humanitarian groups warn rescue and aid operations in Syria, which remains engulfed in a 12-year-long civil war, have been hindered in both opposition and government-held areas.

It is the deadliest such catastrophe since 2011 when a 9.0-magnitude quake off the east coast of Japan killed more than 18,000 people after triggering a 23-foot tsunami and damaging the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.


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