Tehran (IP) - Continuing the 41st Fajr International Film Festival, "Captain" was screened on the seventh day.

Iran PressIran news: Captain, with its child-centered and social genre, was the second film of Mohammad Hamzei’s directorial experience, which was produced by Saber Emami.

The press conference of this film, which was held on Tuesday night after the release of this film, was very pleasant due to the presence of four children actors, and the attendees laughed and enjoyed.

Hamzei, the director of this film, said: The main characters of this film are children who were carefully selected, and finally we reached the choice of Amir Hossein Bayat for the main role of this film.

Amir Hossein Bayat, the child actor in this film, also in a press conference added: After being selected for this role, I practiced for a month and then spent two stressful months filming.

Arghvan Shabani, another young actor in this film, about her acting experience in this film noted: The director of this film, Hamzei, was very kind and the experience of working with him was enjoyable.


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