Tehran (IP)- To commemorate the Kashmir Solidarity Day, the Embassy of Pakistan in Tehran organized a seminar today to express support for the Pakistani government and the nation for the Kashmiri people in Jammu and Kashmir.

Iran PressIran news: Members of the Pakistani community including students, media persons, and senior officers of the embassy participated in the event.

Parts of the words of the Ch'argé de affairs of the Pakistani Embassy in Tehran in the event are as follows:

"On Kashmir Solidarity Day, the Kashmiris remind the world community of its obligations towards the people of Kashmir and reiterate the fact that its apathy to their sufferings could have disastrous consequences for regional and world peace. 

For past more than seven decades, Kashmiris are the victims of terrorism, including gross and systematic violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, which have further intensified under the ruling BJP-RSS combine’s “Hindu Rashtra” project, under which sinister anti-Kashmiri policies are also being pursued to change the demographic composition of the occupied territory. 

Pakistan appreciates Iran's leader on Kashmir

The continuation of tensions and the possibility of war between Pakistan and India cannot go away until the Kashmir dispute is resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions. Durable peace, security, and development in the region hinge on a peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

Pakistan, which is a party to the Kashmir Dispute, will not allow India to get away with her illegal occupation of J&K and its annexation to the Indian Union in defiance of the UN resolutions. It is imperative that the Kashmiris exercise their right to self-determination through a free and impartial plebiscite under the auspices of the United Nations. Pakistan will continue to extend all possible support to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters towards a just and peaceful settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolutions.

Pakistan and Kashmiris have always appreciated the support they continue to receive from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. The Supreme Leader has repeatedly called for putting an end to the sufferings of Kashmiri people and giving Kashmiris the right to choose their own future."


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