Shahid Rajaei Port (IP) - Sepahan Oil Company's export and import terminal at Shahid Rajaei Port was put into operation on Saturday by video conference with the order of the Minister of Petroleum.

Iran PressIran news: The export and import terminal of Sepahan Oil Company's Shahid Rajaei Port has a storage capacity of 35,400 cubic meters of the oil products of Sepahan and the export of various oils, which was implemented with an investment of $11 million.

Increasing the possibility of bulk storage and export, creating the ability to import base oil in bulk, increasing logistics power and developing capabilities, the ability to load larger vessels, the ability to perform blending operations and tanks, the ability to produce marine oils as a product, and the ability to load flexi and iso tanks for all types of stored products are among the benefits of launching the terminal.

On Saturday, during the one-day visit of the Minister of Petroleum, Javad Owji, to Hormozgan province, southern Iran, simultaneously with the auspicious days of the Fajr decade, the production and bitumen storage plant of Jey Oil Company and the plan to maintain and increase the production of Esfand and Sivand oil fields were put into operation.


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