Tehran (IP)- Iran's 53rd Nuclear Industry achievements exhibition was inaugurated at Milad Tower, Tehran, with the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization in attendance.

Iran PressIran News: During the event, the achievements of the Atomic Energy Organization, including the nuclear safety system center, the design, and construction of various nuclear measurement systems, nuclear fusion technology, the acquisition of knowledge and quantum technology, the design and construction of various industrial and medical lasers, the development of agriculture with nuclear technology have been displayed.

Also, the development of plasma technology, production of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, production of 110 isotopic biomolecules, modernization of the Arak research reactor, management of radioactive waste, savings in fossil fuel consumption due to electricity production in Bushehr nuclear power plant, reduction of various environmental polluting gases, acquiring technical knowledge of designing and building all types of fuel complexes for power and research reactors, producing zirconium centrifuges with indigenous knowledge and raw materials were among the achievements displayed in the exhibition.

It is worth noting that the "Arman Parto" device was also unveiled during the event. 


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