The Speaker of Iran's Parliament,Ali Larijani has said: "Asian countries have been in serious discussions on signing monetary agreements in a bid to counter the US economic sanctions."

Iran Press/Iran news: Larijani made the remark upon returning to Tehran Thursday night, after concluding his one-day visit to Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in the 11th plenary session of the Asia Parliamentary Assembly (APA).

Speaking about the results of the trip, Ali Larijani said the APA session focused on talks on economic cooperation to neutralize the impact of US sanctions against other countries, energy cooperation, the use of advanced technologies, and the environment, Iran Press reported.

Iranian Parliament Speaker added that some good proposals were made regarding economic cooperation, such as signing bilateral monetary agreements to counter Washington’s sanctions. He said the participating countries at the APA session engaged in serious talks about signing monetary and banking pacts given the fact that some of them are under US sanctions.

Larijani stressed that the APA has a high capacity for carrying out important tasks.

The 11th plenary session of APA kicked off on Wednesday in Istanbul, Turkey, and it will continue until 3 December. The Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) was born in 2006 at the Seventh Session of the Association of Asian Parliaments for Peace (AAPP). 

Iranian Parliament Speaker also noted his meetings with the Russian delegate and his Turkish counterpart on the sideline of the session, adding that the talks focused on economic cooperation, investment, and removing obstacles to trade and implementation of previously-reached agreements.   101/202


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