Tehran (IP) - The director of production supervision of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said that NIOC is currently producing 1 billion and 40 million cubic meters of gas on a daily basis from 23 gas fields in the country, of which about 980 million cubic meter are delivered to National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) for distribution.

Iran PressIran News: Hormoz Qalavand said: "In addition to the country's oil production, the NIOC is in charge of the country's gas production to supply feed to the country's refineries and exports.”

“All colleagues of the National Iranian Oil Company in land operational areas, offshore platforms, repair departments, technical services, as well as headquarters departments are working and making jihad efforts around the clock, which must be said that this volume of gas production and delivery cannot be achieved without this sacrifice,” Shana cited as Qalavand says.

In recent days, by the order of the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company and with the round-the-clock efforts of the employees of the Company in the southern oil-rich regions, about 10 million cubic meters of gas was also added to the country's production capacity from the Natural Gas liquids (NGL) 1000 gas plant.


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