Tehran(IP)- The head of the science and technology park of East Azerbaijan province of Iran announced the export of three and a half million dollars worth of goods of knowledge-based companies of this province.

Iran PressIran News: There are 262 knowledge-based companies in East Azerbaijan province, 72 of which are located in Science and Technology Park.

East Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park was formed with the aim of expanding the research connections of existing industries in the region with research units and universities in the region.

Saeed Jafari Rad, head of the Science and Technology Park of East Azerbaijan Province, said: "Knowledge-based and technology oriented companies based in this park exported more than three and a half million dollars' worth of goods in the past nine months."


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Jafari Rad added: In line with the slogan of the year to support knowledge-based companies and increase their role in production and export and based on the policy, direct financial support has been provided to technological units of the province.

The Head of the Science and Technology Park of East Azerbaijan Province, referring to the recent exhibition of research and technology achievements of East Azerbaijan, said: " 20 new products from the achievements of science and technology companies of the province were unveiled in this exhibition."


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