Tehran (IP)- In his speech, the president mentioned freedom in history and said: Where have you seen arrogant tell other nations that they want to rob other countries' resources? They come with slogans of freedom and bring misery to the nations.

Iran PressIran News: Today, President Ebrahim Raisi gave a speech at the farewell ceremony for the bodies of hundreds of unknown martyrs of holy defense in Tehran.

He said: wherever they went, they usually claimed freedom and equal rights for humans.He added: Modern Ignorance is the same as the old one, but "isms" have been added to it. This modern ignorance has power components such as media and technology.

While praising the leadership of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei, Raisi said: "If there is a shortage today, it is related to the way executive bodies, not the leadership run the country." If you see success in any part of the country, it is where the words of the imam and the Leader have been followed, and wherever there is a shortage, it is related to those who did not believe in the jobs and the responsibilities they have accepted or the ability to carry out the duties assigned to them. 

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"Today, we are strong in many areas, we have made a lot of progress, and the enemy's anger is also due to these advances. I must say that all the pressures against Iran have failed shamefully", he underscored,

"If the enemies think they can achieve their goals by making rumors, they are wrong. Why do you send us a message after the riots finish? You say, in your messages, that you are ready to talk, and you claimed that you were not looking for a regime change," the president highlighted."We welcome everyone, but we will not show mercy to those who show hostility against us," The president said, referring to those who were involved in the recent unrest in the country.


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