In the latest interventionist stance of Western authorities in Iran's internal affairs, the British Prime Minister claimed that the recent unrest is rooted in opposition to the Islamic system.

Iran PressEurope: “In Iran, women are displaying the most humbling and breathtaking courage, refusing to bow to thuggish, theocratic control,” Rishi Sunak said on Monday, in his speech at the Lord Mayor’s banquet in the City of London, without mentioning the four decades of Western enmity with the Iranian nation and the Western sanctions that did not spare even Iranian patients.

"Iranian football team have shown solidarity with the protesters at their World Cup matches. And tomorrow, Iran’s football team will again stand with them in solidarity, facing unknown consequences as a result. Freedom and openness have always been the most powerful forces for progress. But they have never been achieved by standing still," said Sunak, repeating the false and baseless claims about the positions of Iranian football players.

British authorities have officially supported the war room against the Iranian people with interventionist statements and false slogans since the beginning of the unrest in Iran.

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Elsewhere in his speech, Sunak claimed that in his government, the UK foreign policy will be pursued differently, saying: "By doing things differently, but remaining true to the UK’s values, its interests would be protected."