Daha (IP) - Carlos Queiroz attended the press conference before the match against Wales on Thursday and said that atmosphere of the Iran national team is right.

Iran PressMiddle East: In their second match in the World Cup, Iran National Team will face Wales today (Friday, November 25, 2022) in Qatar. 

Carlos Queiroz, attending the press conference before the match with Wales on Thursday, said: "It is great to witness this situation. It is an opportunity for us to watch beautiful football and enjoy football and try our best and make our dreams come true. Our first game was not favorable and did not go as we expected."

Team Melli suffered its heaviest defeat in World Cup history after a 6-2 drubbing by title contenders England.

Iran's Head Coach said: "For us, the main game starts tomorrow. Two more games and 6 points left, and we have to fight. This is all we do. We try to play good football and bring happiness and deserve to go to the next stage. This is our goal."

About Alireza Beiranvand's latest condition, He said: "Fortunately, he has done various tests and he passed the test today. There is no doubt that he has some serious problems, but luckily everything is moving in a positive direction and we are happy because of that, but because he was involved in an accident that was related to some kind of brain injury, and due to the medical protocol, it is necessary to be respectful and there's no way around this protocoles, so he won't play tomorrow but he'll be ready to play against America".

The head coach of the Iranian Team, Melli, further said: " Our players play with the same focus and attitude, and we are back to our roots, and we can play and enjoy football.

Queiroz said later, "Is it fair to ask Iranian players political questions?" reacting to the media when asking Iranian football players political questions, "It is not fair or unfair. The media are allowed to ask their questions. They understand what the right questions are. We also have the right to give the correct answer.

"We respect each other. It is not a problem for us to ask whatever you want, and at the same time, it is very important that you respect our answer. We don't want these issues to hinder our football at the present time. This matter does not return to us. This matter goes back to our president and the ethics of FIFA. There is no problem for the international media to raise questions. He added that we have freedom of the press, and we are free to give the answer we want".

The head coach of Iran about the game against England said: " The game is over. Our position is always the same, and we want to learn from what happened and learn it together and become stronger, and have more energy and passion for the next game. It is part of our life. Every game we play, our job is to learn and come back stronger".

Queiroz, about the match against Wales, said: Wales has good players its captain Gareth Bale is great, and Wales has a good spirit for football. They want to play with their fans with fun and entertainment, and there is no better atmosphere for us, and we have to go back to the environment we know and have fun and enjoy football. We are very excited today because we feel the atmosphere is right now, and our players are relaxed and ready to play.

Queiroz said that the hope of the Iranian people is in the legs of the players. In the game against England, after Mehdi Taremi scored two goals, the people were happy, and will this process lead to a situation where Team Melli would make people happy with a victory.

He said: As you know, if you look at our historical records, first of all, you will see that we have to talk about Wales. I don't think it is right to speak of Iran first. As I said, we want to learn from what happened. The England team was excellent, and we were not as good as our opponents. We have to learn things, and I think we learned some good stuff, and that is the best thing to train and train to be ready to play against Wales.

The national team's head coach further said: What is important is that game shows that we are a good team, and good teams win the game. Great teams are the teams that bounce back after failure and face challenges. No team is perfect, but we have to learn from what happened. The critical issue is the day after the game. Now it's the next day, and we are excited to play Wales.

He added: "We know them, and Wales is a team, or they have a lot of interest and good personalities. It's like a football party, and they have a lot of fans. I hope we will deal with this show. I am confident that my players will play with the character they always had and have a fighting spirit, and I hope we deserve to win the game. This is what matters for tomorrow. What happened yesterday does not determine tomorrow.

About Gareth Bale, Whales Captain Queiroz said: "Bale is one of the best. In terms of personality, he is also the leader of his team on the football pitch, and the stability and management of the team depend on him. Bale is a brilliant player. Bale is the face of the Wales team. This issue shows what character and spirit he has. We have to take care of him because there is continuity and interest in their work; for them, it is not the first or the 90th minute. Instead, they play their own game. We are also ready, and I hope tomorrow we can play the football we can and have a surprise for the Wales team.

The head coach of the Iranian national football team said: " World Cup is an opportunity to introduce the culture and people of any country, but this opportunity has been taken from Iran.

Queiroz wants to introduce the culture and people of Iran to the world; what will he say? He said: "I can say that they do not respect the 3 thousand years of Iran's history. It is extraordinary that we do not learn the historical culture and history, and science of Iran that can be learned. It's remarkable what we can know. This is what I can say about Iranian people. 


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