Tehran (IP)-The 22nd International Electricity Industry Exhibition kicked off on Sunday morning with the presence of the Minister of Energy and the participation of 372 domestic and foreign companies.

Iran PressIran News: Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Minister of Energy, on the sidelines of this exhibition told reporters: this exhibition , which demonstrates the latest achievements of Iranian engineers in the electrical industry, has been well received and nine foreign companies have also participated in it.

Mehrabian added: The electrical industry is a proud industry and despite 100% dependence at the beginning of the Islamic revolution, today more than 95% of spare parts and equipment are produced with domestic capacities.

The Minister of Energy stated: Today, with the participation of hundreds of knowledge-based companies, the country's electricity industry is on a good track and is benefiting from new technologies.

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Mehrabian said: The most important goal is to witness the optimization of electricity consumption and reduction of energy intensity by using modern technology.

The Minister of Energy also regarding the import of electricity from Russia said that Electricity exchange is one of the basic plans of the Ministry of Energy, and in this regard, we import electricity from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia when we need it, and when we have a surplus, we export it to neighboring countries. Electricity exchange continues and technical studies have been done to synchronize the electricity of Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia so that electricity exchange with Russia can be formed.


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