Tehran(IP)-The governors of the Central Bank of Iran and Oman held meeting to discuss the issues of mutual interest in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press, the Governor General of the Central Bank of Oman arrived in Tehran on Wednesday, and today, on Thursday, at the Central Bank of Iran, he started negotiations on banking issues with Iranian authorities.

The development of banking and international relations between Iran and Oman has been announced as the focus of the talks between Ali Saleh Abadi and Tahir Bin Salim Abdullah Al Amri, the governors of the central banks of Iran and Oman, respectively.

The visit of the head of the central bank to Oman to Tehran is carried out. At the same time, news has recently been published about progress in the process of freeing Iran's blocked currencies in some countries, including South Korea. As if in the process of this matter, Oman has played a vital role in receiving Iranian assets into the account of the Central Bank of Iran in Oman.

In recent years, Oman has played the role of a mediator in negotiations to lift sanctions and free Iran's frozen currencies.


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