Moscow (IP) - Iranian Minister of Petroleum said the expansion of cooperation between Iran and Russia would make international sanctions ineffective.

Iran PressEurope: Iranian Minister of Petroleum has traveled to Russia to attend the 16th meeting of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia, in which the two countries are going to discuss a new phase of cooperation on oil and gas exports.

In an interview with an Iran Press reporter in Russia on Monday, Javad Owji underlined a preliminary coordination meeting with the representatives of different working groups on the Iranian side of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia to review the documents compiled for the purpose of negotiating and signing the final document of Tehran-Moscow cooperation.

He said: “In a few months and in the form of various working groups, discussions concerning banking, energy, transportation, health, economy, etc. have been followed up with relevant ministries and agencies at the [Iranian] Ministry of Petroleum. Simultaneously with these meetings, Russian officials and authorities traveled to Iran for further communication with Iranian officials, and the Iranian Embassy in Russia has provided great assistance to the Ministry of Petroleum.”

Emphasizing that all the agreements reached and discussed in the 16th Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia are actually the main topics agreed upon by the presidents of the two countries, he said: "At no time in history have relations between Iran and Russia been this close. Therefore, there is now a very good opportunity to cooperate with this country.”

The Iranian petroleum minister underlined the capacities of Iran and Russia in different areas and the sanctions targeting both countries and said: “The two countries can work together to neutralize the international sanctions and tomorrow at the 16th meeting of the joint economic commission of the two countries, the agreements and decisions of the two sides will be finalized and signed. Besides, a general agreement will also be signed between the two countries.”

Emphasizing that holding the 16th meeting of the Joint Economic Commission of the two countries will bring good results, Owji said: “In the future, the level of relations between the two countries will increase day by day, especially in the economic field.”