Tehran (IP) – Iran's Ministry of Intelligence announced Monday afternoon that six people affiliated with Shah Cheragh terrorist attack were identified and arrested.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Intelligence Minister Esmaeil Khatib also said on Monday that Iranian security forces last night managed to identify and detain the second perpetrator of the Shah Cheragh terrorist attack.

The terrorist was arrested in Shiraz, according to the Iranian intelligence minister.

Khatib also added that the security forces arrested the terrorist with the help of widespread reports.

Political, Security and Social Deputy of Fars province Governorate Esmaeil Mohebbi Pour told IRNA News Agency that the second terrorist had not entered the Shah Cheragh shrine but was supporting the first person and communicated plans to him.

Mohebbi Pour added that Iran's intelligence forces are seriously pursuing to find any other clues, factors, and elements related to the Shiraz terrorist attack, adding that the terrorists will be handed over to justice.

Last Wednesday (October 26), a terrorist armed with a machine gun opened fire on the pilgrims and evening prayer worshippers at the Shah Cheragh holy shrine in Shiraz, martyred 13 innocent people and seriously wounding 25 others. 

CCTV footage of Shah Cheragh published by Iran's police shows an ISIS terrorist attacker shooting people inside the holy site of Shah Cheragh.

Police immediately arrested the attacker after he launched the attack. He died later in the hospital due to injuries.

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the bloody attack.

On the same day, Iran's police and security forces foiled a bombing attempt in Shiraz. The perpetrator of the failed bombing was identified and arrested in Shiraz.

He wanted to detonate his bomb in a crowded Maali Abad neighborhood in Shiraz.


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