The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) said the world has been left astounded by the country's achievements in various fields irrespective of sanctions, especially in the fields of defense and missile industries, as well as peaceful civilian nuclear industry.

Iran news: Ali Akbar Salehi was speaking today on the sidelines of an exhibition on the country's nuclear and missile achievements in Qazvin, western Iran, Iran Press News Agency reported.

IAEO chief said sanctions will not stop the progress of Islamic Iran, adding that the Iranian nation has known the issue of sanctions since the beginning of the revolution (1979) and the U.S. sanctions policy's not new to the country.

"Currently, 40 years since the revolution, Iran has achieved many successes, despite all the pressures, restrictions, eight years of imposed war and crippling sanctions, which astounded the global arrogance and enemies," said Salehi.

Salehi noted that despite all the sanctions, the Iranian nation has stood on its feet since the beginning of the revolution, and reached a point where its long-range missiles and nuclear achievements have become the talk of the town.

The top nuclear official described missile and nuclear achievements as part of the great potential of the Iranian nation, which has been realized despite many pressures and limitations.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization explained the reasons behind the global arrogance's hostility with the Iranian people, adding that "the nuclear and missile issues are nothing but excuse".

Salehi said "should Iran retreated in the face of pressure and sanctions then they would use human rights, terrorism and other issues as pretext to press the country."

"Indeed, the main purpose of global arrogance is to put Iran back in their political orbit and to limit the Iranian nation's freedom, but they will never achieve such a will," Salehi said.

The exhibition to showcase nuclear energy and missile achievements kicked off its work on Sunday morning in this western Iranian city on the sidelines of the National Congress of Three Thousands of Martyrs in Qazvin Province. 206/101

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