Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned of the dangers posed by the black market sale of weapons in Ukraine, including powerful weapons.

Iran PressEurope: "Serious challenges are created by the black market of arms operating in Ukraine, cross-border criminal groups are actively involved in smuggling them into other regions," the Russian president said at a meeting with the heads of delegations at the 51st meeting of the CIS council of chiefs of security agencies and special services.

"We are not only talking about small arms," the president stressed. "Risks remain that more powerful weapons may fall into the hands of criminals, including portable anti-aircraft missile systems and high-precision weapons," Putin specified.

The world is becoming multipolar, but some countries are trying to "hold on to their faltering hegemony," Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the 51st meeting of the CIS council of officials in charge of security and special services.

"Literally before our eyes, the world is changing and is really becoming multipolar, but some members of the international community are trying at all costs to hold on to their faltering hegemony, use a wide range of political, military, economic, informational, and other methods and means that range from breaking the legal mechanisms of strategic stability to imposing unilateral sanctions against those who disagree with their policy," the president said.

Putin said these members of the international community "don’t shy away even from outright sabotage."

"I’m referring to the organizing explosions at the Nord Streams international gas pipelines," he said.

Putin said, "the conflict potential remains very high in the world as a whole, as well as on the regional level."

"New risks and challenges to collective security are emerging, which is primarily the result of a sharp escalation of the global geopolitical confrontation," the president said.


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