UN Security Council resolution introduced by the US and Albania condemning Moscow's annexation of parts of Ukraine fails to pass after the Russian veto, with China, India, Brazil, and Gabon abstaining from the vote.

Iran PressAmerica: The special operation was launched in February 2022 following the failure of negotiations with Kyiv and NATO about Russia's security red lines. The operation aims at achieving what diplomacy could not: the neutralization of Ukraine as a base from which NATO forces would be able to attack Russia and the elimination of the neo-Nazi threat against Russians in the region.

Russia on Friday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution introduced by the United States and Albania condemning Moscow's proclaimed annexation of parts of Ukraine, with Russia's strategic partner China abstaining from the vote.

Russia's veto on Friday was a certainty but Western powers hoped to show Moscow's isolation in its war and will take the condemnation effort to the General Assembly, where every nation has a vote.

The United States pushed through a resolution hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow had taken over four areas of Ukraine which held referendums after the land was seized by Russia's military.

Russia's ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, complained that it was unprecedented to seek condemnation of one of the five veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council.

"China calls on all parties concerned to exercise restraint, refrain from actions that actually exacerbate tensions and leave space for a solution through diplomatic negotiations." 219

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