Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says those who pretend to be Iranian people advocate are those who supported US cruel sanctions on the Iranian people and ban the medicines for patients with certain diseases, including EB

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanaani said on his Instagram page on Thursday that those who advocate for the Iranian people were pursuing for years the "maximum pressure" policy and paralyzing sanctions against Iran to make the Iranian people despair and force them to give up on their coercive demands. 

Kanaani wrote: "Today's advocates of sympathy and support for the people of Iran have extended years of hostility and pugnacity against Iran to the point where they banned special medicines from the "cancer patients" and "EB children patients" in the country so that they are tragically close their eyes to life." 

He pointed to the unrest the opposition groups made inside and outside the country under the excuse of Mahsa Amini's death and said that until recently, they kept silent about the sanctions on the Iranian nation. Still, now they were dancing and making hustle-bustle and claiming that they would be the voice of the Iranians to the world.

The unrest in some parts of Iran and outside the country, including UK's London, came as Mahsa Amini, a 22 years old Iranian girl, fainted at the police department in Tehran on Tuesday, last week, after being taken there for violation of dress codes along with some other women.

"The voice of the Iranian people since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution's victory, which was also the beginning of the maximum pressure of the enemies, is still this: "We do not bend under the burden of hardships. We do remain the eternal uprights of history," the MFA Spokesman pointed out. 

While many people were upset because of Mahsa's death, the seditionists and saboteurs instigated riots in several cities, including Tehran, inflicted heavy damage on public properties, and murdered a group of security forces.

The rioters guided by the opposition groups outside Iran have so far destroyed the public properties of the Iranian nation, injuring police officers, and even attacking the hospitals' vehicles, the ambulances.


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