Tehran (IP) - One of the important duties of the police in different countries is to enforce the law and deal with lawbreakers.

Iran PressIran news: This issue is vital because illegal actions such as rioting and assaulting public and government places and foreign embassies cause instability and insecurity and put society at risk.

This issue is more or less considered one of the essential professional principles of the police in all countries and is more or less implemented in all countries of the world.

Among other things, during the attack on the US Congress on January 6, 2021, the US police and security forces had a fierce encounter with the attackers, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of several people from both sides.

Also, during the occurrence of violent protests in European countries, the police of these countries have always had severe encounters with protesters and rioters, including the confrontation between the French police and the Yellow Vest movement in this country, as well as repeated encounters with protests and riots in the streets of many western countries, including the US, Germany and Great Britain.

The importance of this is because following the recent riots in Iran, which of course faced the encounter of the law enforcement command of the Islamic Republic of Iran, several rioters, including elements of the MKO terrorist group, royalists, and the remnants of opposition groups in some European capitals, including Paris and London seized the opportunity and tried to seize these centers by gathering in front of the Iranian embassy in these cities.

According to the duties of the police in these countries, the police have confronted them and tried to arrest a number of them.

In a statement published by the London police, it is stated that an influential group intended to create chaos and disorder during the gathering held in front of the Iranian embassy on Sunday.

The London Police Department announced that 12 people were arrested and at least five police officers were "severely injured" in the clashes outside the Iranian Embassy in London.

Scotland Yard said: "The riot first started outside the embassy and then the Islamic Center of Britain was attacked and rioters attacked these centers with stones, bottles and other objects."

It is noteworthy that the rioters even targeted the British Islamic Center, an independent institution in Islamic activities.

A similar incident happened in Paris on Sunday, and French police officers encountered several rioters in front of the Iranian embassy and arrested them. The participants in this riot tried to force the officers to retreat by throwing Molotov cocktails and chanting insulting slogans against the French police and the Islamic Republic of Iran. But their efforts were met with decisive action by the police.

Now in Iran too, where several rioters have engaged in violent actions and instigated riots and destruction of public property, and attacked police forces on the pretext of the death of "Mahsa Amini" in the last few days, the police are also performing the same duty which is responsible for in all countries and deals with rioters.

Western countries, including the European Union, have protested this under the pretext of human rights. Even the so-called Western democracies deal with people who threaten the safety of society with violent and riotous behavior and destruction of public property.

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