Tehran (IP)- The people of different provinces of Iran on Sunday, which coincided with the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Hassan Mujtaba (as), held rallies to condemn the riots of recent days and also condemn the insult to the Holy Quran and declared their strong support for the Islamic Republic system and religious values.

Iran PressIran news: In recent days, various regions of Iran witnessed insecurity and chaos, which were started by rioters and opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and besides insulting religious and national values, especially the Holy Quran and the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran, dozens of innocent civilians were killed and injured.

The apparent pretext of the rioters was to support women in Iran, but what they did in practice showed that the real pretext of these riots was opposition to the system of the Islamic Republic and religious values, especially in the form of burning the Holy Quran and mosques, burning the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also the insult to the principle of religious authority.

The misperception of the rioters and their supporters was that they could bring the people along with them by inciting public sentiment under the pretext of supporting women's rights. Still, the sensible people of Iran have proven many times over the past 44 years that:

First, they distinguish between protest and unrest and never accept riots.

Secondly, despite some shortcomings, they still support the Islamic Republic system and religious values.

Thirdly, dealing seriously with rioters, those who insult religious values, and those who destroy public property is serious demand of the people.

On Sunday, the Iranian people showed their distaste for rioters and insulters of Islamic rituals. They proved their religious zeal towards the system and spiritual values ​​by organizing million-man rallies in different provinces.

The gathering of people showed that what was formed in the country in the past days was not a protest or defense of women's rights but a conspiracy against the sovereignty and religious values.

Accordingly, in the text of the final resolution of the gatherings, it is stated that the acts that break norms and insult the sanctities of ​​the Holy Quran, burning mosques and the flag of Iran, desecrating the chastity and hijab of the women of the Islamic homeland, and martyring several defenders of security, show the depth conspiracy and sedition against the system of the Islamic Republic by sworn enemies and the design of domination and Zionism which caused by hatred and cruelty towards the dear Islam and the greatness and awakening of Muslims.

Another critical issue is that the rallies of the Iranian people proved to the enemies and opponents of the Islamic system that the people of Iran are against the movements that lead to the weakening of security and security forces in the country.

Recently, rioters have martyred or wounded several police forces and made a lot of efforts to destroy the image of the police in the eyes of the public.

However, millions of people in Sunday's rallies declared their support for the police force, which is responsible for providing internal security.

Another point is that; millions of people raised a heavy demand, which is the decisive action of the responsible institutions and the judiciary against those who violate norms and violate public property and people's rights.

Therefore, the gathering of millions of people in different provinces and cities of Iran is not just after condemning the riots. Still, the people are demanding, and they require to deal decisively with the leaders and masterminds behind the screams and insults.

The final point is; one of the components of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran system has always been the support of the people, and this component was highlighted once again on Sunday.

This is the support of the people who have frustrated and disappointed the enemies and opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran to achieve its goals in the last 44 years.

In the second step of the Islamic revolution, there is also this people-centered support, and contrary to what is propagated in the operations and psychological warfare of the enemies, different sections of people, from the first generation of the revolution to the student generation today, adhere to the system of the Islamic Republic and its values, and complaints and protests never mean they are breaking away from the system.


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