Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Policy-making Council of Friday Prayers Leaders said the US and the Israeli regime must pay damages to the country for the riots they set recently.

Iran PressIran news:  People in Tehran gathered on Sunday, September 25, 2022, in response to recent riots and the seditionists abusing the protests ongoing in the city.

Delivering a speech among the protesting people, Tehran Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari condemned the saboteurs and said the rioters set fire to public and private property and planned predetermined murders.

Haj Ali Akbari slammed those figures in Iran, exploited the public purse, became famous, and betrayed the Iranian nation with their support for the rioters.

He noted that verily the path of the future would pass through Iran, saying: " it is for 43 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the one that reach the Iranian nation to the peak of dignity."

Haj Ali Akbari said the Iranian people made themselves separated from the rioters from the beginning day and recalled that those young ones deceived by the enemies and acted based on excitement would be pardoned.  

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A group of people instigated protests under the pretext of the death of a Mahsa Amini in Tehran, where seditionists among the people committed desecrations and acts of sabotage, including burning the Holy Quran and harming public properties.

Mahsa Amini, a 22 years Iranian girl, fainted at the police department in Tehran on Tuesday after being taken there for violation of dress codes along with some other women.

According to the footage of the Iran police CCTVs camera, Mahsa Amini, when talking with one of the police staff in the headquarters, suddenly fainted and fell to the ground due to a heart attack. She was immediately taken to hospital, but unfortunately, she died on Friday, September 16, 2022.


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