President heading for Uzbekistan

Tehran(IP) - Iran's President said improving the neighborhood policy, convergence, solidarity, and deepening multilateralism is among the aims of his trip to Uzbekistan to attend at SCO Summit.

Iran PressIran News: Before heading to Uzbekistan to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi said that improving the neighborhood policy, convergence, solidarity, and deepening multilateralism are among the aims of his state visit to Uzbekistan.

He further explained that Iran's policy toward its neighboring countries had followed the following steps and phases:

In the first step, his administration could win reciprocally political trust.

He further said that the role taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region also is going to be focused on and strengthened during this trip.  

President Raisi also said that Tehran is trying to boost ties with Tashkent in the business and commercial fields, and it should be upgraded to the higher level desired by the two sides.

President Raisi left Tehran for Samarkand on Wednesday with Mohammad Mokhbar, the first vice president, and a group of government delegation members.

This is the president's second appearance at the Shanghai Summit during his presidency.

At the official farewell ceremony for President Raisi, Mohsen Qomi, the Deputy of International Communications of the Leadership Office, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and the Executive Vice President were present.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Seyed Reza Fatemi Amin, chief of staff of the president of Iran Gholam Hossein Esmaili are among the companions of President Raisi in this political and economical trip.

Attending the 21st edition of the SCO Summit in 2021 was the first foreign trip of President Raisi, who traveled at the official invitation of his Tajik counterpart, Imam Ali Rahman, to attend and speak at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit.

During this trip, President Raisi, after being officially welcomed by his Uzbek counterpart, the host of the 22nd edition of the Shanghai Summit, will meet and talk with Shaukat Mirzayev. Then several cooperation documents will be signed between the officials of the two countries of Iran and Uzbekistan in the presence of the presidents.

In addition to delivering a speech at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, which will be held on Thursday and Friday - 24 and 25 September - in Samarkand, the president is also scheduled to meet and talk with the leaders of the participating countries on the sidelines of the meeting.


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