Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the most important success of this administration was to revive hope and trust in the people, adding that the president and officials gave the people the feeling that the administration was striving.

Iran PressIran news: Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday morning in a meeting with President Ebrahim Raisi and the members of the cabinet: "In my opinion, the most important success of this administration is to revive hope and trust in the people, the total performance of the government, both the honorable president and the officials in the departments gave people the feeling that the administration is striving, and busy working and serve the people. This action restored people's hope and confidence to a great extent."

Referring to the one-year achievements of the administration, the Leader gave important recommendations, including the priority of the economic issue, and added: "The people have been the "main hero of the history of the revolution" in all incidents and events, and this fact is a lesson and shows all officials how to behave with this nation."

Important historical events should not be forgotten

Ayatollah Khamenei called the martyrs Rajaee and Bahonar two top managers of the Islamic Revolution and pointed out that martyrdom was the worthy reward of God for these two dear ones, stating: "Negligence and forgetting great events is a dangerous plague that we should all avoid."

The Leader termed "the general excitement of the nation during the revolution," "amaze of arrogance vis-a-vis the greatness of the revolution," "unceasing enmities of the global bullies," and "the defenselessness of the country and the capital against Saddam's air attacks," "the rampage of terrorists throughout the country and insecurity in the first years of the revolution," "the performance of various administrations and parliaments after the revolution," "the decisive presence of the nation in the saga of the sacred defense and other fronts to confront the enemies" and "the unreserved and admirable presence of the people in various rallies and ceremonies" among the issues that their memory should always be alive in the minds of the society.

In this context, Ayatollah Khamenei, recalling the nation's memorable presence at the funeral of martyred general Qasem Soleimani, added: "Similar issues, including the meaningful and extensive presence of people at the funeral of Ayatollah Naseri in Isfahan and the enthusiastic participation of people at the Ghadir celebration, show the general orientations of the nation and it is the right way to continue."

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Administration's provincial trips among its achievments

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered reviewing and propagating the administration's activities as a function of Government Week, and pointing to some of the administration's successes, he made recommendations to the president and the members of the administration.

Ayatollah Khamenei considered revitalizing the hope and trust of the people as the most important success of the administration and added: "People see that the administration is in the scene and is busy working and trying to solve problems and provide services to them, and this fact greatly increases the public's hope and trust. Of course, these efforts have been successful in some areas, and in some areas, the necessary results have not yet been achieved."

The Leader called the administration's provincial trips a bright and important issue and added: "31 trips in the first year of the administration to all over the country including deprived and remote areas, monitoring the works on the scene and deep empathy with the people have been other successes of the administration."

"The speedy action and presence at the place of natural and unforeseen events as a sign of the administration's sympathy with the people," "the removal of negative and controversial rivalries in the relations between the powers that caused confusion in the minds of the people," "emphasis on the serious care of the three branches of the administration in the continuation of this soothing effort"  and "using youth" were among the other successes of the administration that the leader of the revolution addressed.

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Government was successful in avoiding conditioning the country

Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Of course, managers and young officials also make mistakes in some cases, but in general, using young managers and officials in the administration and parliament and nurturing strong managers is worth being patient in the face of these mistakes and gradually eliminating them."

Ayatollah Khamenei called "taking the society out of waiting for others' decisions and actions," "avoiding conditioning the country," and "giving importance to internal capacities" other successes of the executive branch.

The Leader considered the Raisi administration "accountable" and said: "In the last year, the administration neither made excuses nor said "we don't have the authority" or "others don't allow us to work."

"Good approaches in the field of foreign policy and culture" and "highlighting the slogans of the revolution, including seeking justice, supporting the oppressed, avoiding aristocracy and anti-arrogance" were other prominent points of the administration that the leader of the revolution pointed to.

Emphasizing that in the current situation, the main priority is still the economic issues, the Leader noted: "Of course, this does not mean ignoring other topics such as science, security, social damage and culture, but the priority should be economy along with cultural attachment."


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