Kabul (IP) – An official of the consular section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul said that the Arbaeen headquarters in Iran had made arrangements for the participation of Afghan pilgrims in the Arbaeen March by holding various meetings.

Iran press/Asia: In an interview with Iran Press' correspondent in Kabul about the planning for Afghan pilgrims to participate in the Arbaeen March, Amir Zaribaf stated that facilitating measures at the borders had been taken for Afghan pilgrims to enter Iran and take part in the event.

He noted that good measures had been taken for the accommodation, transportation, security, health and food supply of Afghan pilgrims, and for better performance, it is necessary for the heads of caravans and pilgrimage unions to coordinate with Iranian officials.

He announced Iran's readiness to issue two-entry visas for the Arbaeen pilgrimage at the cost of 60 euros for Afghan pilgrims who have Iraqi visas.

Zaribaf pointed out that the security of pilgrims' commute from Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan to the Islam Qala border is important for the Islamic Republic of Iran so that the pilgrims reach the border in full health.

He said that in order for Afghan pilgrims to enter Iran more easily, the Afghan side needs to take measures at the borders so that pilgrims do not throng.


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