Shahed-278 helicopter is the result of indigenizing Bell 206 and its most significant advantage compared to 206 is its lighter fuselage.

Iran PressIran news: Shahed-278 helicopter is the first all-Iranian attack/reconnaissance class helicopter, five-seater, single-engine, with military and commercial use for missions such as patrolling and air escort in the light class. It resembles the Shahed-285 chopper, which had been unveiled in two light reconnaissance/offensive and maritime patrol models.

The main propellers and the tail propellers, parts of the main fuselage and the tail in the two helicopters are similar, and according to the published information about the engine power and maximum take-off weight of these two choppers, the engine and the power transmission system of the two are also common.

Shahed-278 is about 12 meters long, over 2 meters wide and nearly 3 meters high, its empty weight is 682 kg and its take-off weight is 1,450 kg. This Iranian helicopter enjoys a 420 horsepower engine, making it move at 230 km/h.

Shahed-278, with military and commercial use, is the first Iranian helicopter to obtain Type Certificate and Production Line Certificates (POA) from the Civil Aviation Organization by complying with all international requirements, and its production line is still active.

Shahed-278 is a helicopter with various missions, including patrolling, reconnaissance, commuting commanders, supporting ground forces, filming, training and air rescue and transporting the injured, air taxi, environmental protection patrol, visiting oil and gas and electricity lines.

This chopper is made with a modular structure and uses modern design methods and advanced non-metallic composite materials in the fuselage and main blades. It also enjoys large glass surfaces, which increases the visual field of all passengers.

Shahed-278 can fly continuously for 4 hours. Equipped with dual flight control systems and large color multi-function displays (MFD) in the cabin, it has increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Shahed-278 armed model

Shahed-278 helicopter is armed with various weapons in the form of OH-78 project; currently, this chopper is equipped with light offensive weapons, including one or two seven-point launchers of 2.75-inch (70 mm) rockets with a range of 500 to 5,000 meters and a 12.7 mm gun with a camera under the fuselage.

Moreover, this helicopter is equipped with an optical day and night vision system for aerial surveillance and information storage system.

In some published images, it has been revealed that this helicopter can now carry all kinds of anti-ship missiles and shoot at the target. When these missiles are mounted on the chopper, their range increases significantly.

The electro-optical system installed on Shahed-278 also has a laser range finder, which in this case improves the accuracy of its rocket fire.


Passenger: 5 people (one pilot and 4 passengers)

Service flight ceiling: 4,115 meters above sea level

3,960 meters above sea level IGE

2,740 meters above sea level OGE

Maximum climb rate: 6.5 meters per second

Maximum speed: 226 km/h

Maximum operational range (flying at an altitude of 1,500 meters): 655 km

Flight duration: Over 4 hours

Length: 11.84 meters

Width: 1.92 meters

Height: 2.98 meters

The diameter of the helicopter's main propeller: 10,160 meters

The diameter of the helicopter's tail propeller: 1.57 meters

Empty weight: 750 kg

Maximum take-off weight: 1,450 kg

Maximum engine power: 420 horsepower

Weapons: 12.7 mm NSV machine gun + 14 Hydra 70 rockets


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