Tehran (IP) – Manufacturing the 2nd generation of Toufan (Storm) attack helicopters is a major upgrade to the Cobra helicopters, which operated successfully during the 8-year imposed war on Iran.

Iran PressIran news: The Toufan attack helicopter is made by the Iran Aviation Industries Organization (AIO).


The first model of Toufan was unveiled in May 2010, and the next model was unveiled on January 2, 2013, under Toufan 2, which was considered a new step in upgrading Iran's helicopter fleet.

New Toufan 2 helicopters took part in the Great Prophet-12 drills in January 2019 in the general area of the Persian Gulf.

At its unveiling, Toufan 2 was equipped with more advanced equipment than the Cobra helicopters in Iran's Army and the IRGC, including the new RU 290 electro-optical system.

Toufan 2 helicopters are built by upgrading the AH-1 Cobra helicopters.

The most notable upgrade to Toufan 2 is installing a gyroscopically stabilized electro-optical system on the front nose of the helicopter. Based on this upgrade, the helicopter is equipped with night vision systems, native electronic and optical systems, and targeting and night-vision systems to have a higher offensive capability.

Other systems used in this chopper include a digital fire control system, intelligent central weapons management, and a camera with high-precision imaging capabilities.


Toufan 2 has different features compared to the Cobra helicopter in various fields, especially sensors and cabin equipment:

Nose electro-optical system

Iran Electronics Industries make the Eagle 1 electro-optical system.

The main features of this system are high-performance day and night monitoring, 360-degree horizontal rotation, lightweight 15 to 40 kg (depending on additional features selected), data connection with a fire control system, image enhancement, matching, and tracking capabilities.

Multifunction monitors

Toufan 2 uses two new multifunctional MFD displays instead of several older analog displays.

HUD system and flight helmet

Another improvement in Toufan 2 is the installation of the new HUD display system. The next change is the installation of auxiliary systems on the pilots' helmets.

New canopy

Toufan 2 also provides the pilot with a better view of the canopy than existing cobras and previously produced Toufan helicopters.

Other equipment

Another feature added to the Toufan 2 is the infrared front-facing camera, which allows the pilot to fly at night and in adverse weather conditions. It also helps track targets in all weather conditions.

There are also new antennas under the fuselage.


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