Tehran (IP) - Iran's President on Saturday condemned the Israeli regime's recent crimes against Muslims in the Gaza strip and Afghanistan and warned that standing up to the Zionist regime's crimes will undoubtedly accelerate the decline of this regime.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Saturday morning at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ebrahim Raisi condoled the days of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions, discussed the important events of these days and said: "The Israeli regime was responsible for last night's crime. It once again showed its occupation and aggression to the world, but the resistance of the people of Gaza will speed up the decline of this child-killing regime."

The President also referred to the conspiracy of division-promoting agents and mercenaries of America and the Israeli Regime in Afghanistan and said: "Those who caused bloodshed in the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein (AS) in Afghanistan are the arrogant Yazid-like people of the time and era who seek to divide Muslims and it is necessary for the Afghan government to identify these criminals and ensure the security of all Afghan people."

In continuation of his speech, referring to the large attendance of people in the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein (AS), Raisi said: "Based on their religiosity, the people of Iran honour Imam Hussein (AS) greatly and it is necessary for everyone to pay serious attention to the observance of health protocols in addition to holding ceremonies."

Raisi expressed his gratitude to all the officials who are working hard to control the spread of coronavirus and to meet the medical and health needs, and said: "With the help of the people and the efforts of the healthcare personnel, we were able to pass the hard days of coronavirus and today, we still need people's cooperation with the healthcare personnel and compliance with health protocols."

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Pointing out the necessity of injecting a reminder dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the President said: "The experts in the field of treatment have reached the conclusion through detailed investigations that the injection of a reminder dose of the coronavirus vaccine is very effective in controlling the spread of the disease, therefore, vaccination centres are required to be active even during the upcoming holidays, so that they can serve the mourning people as well".

Thanking the continuation of the implementation of the Martyr Soleimani Plan, Raisi added: "Basically, wherever popular and Basij forces have entered the field with their special sincerity, they have been able to be the source of many services and blessings."


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