Police Spox.:

Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman of Iranian Police Special Units (YEGUP) said that the police went beyond providing electronic services to provide people with smart services.

Iran PressIran news: In an Exclusive interview with Iran Press on Thursday, Brigadier General Mahdi Hajian said: "Providing smart services means using people's capacity in scientific crime detection, increasing operational capacity, making the police organization agile, and providing services as quickly as possible."

General Hajian reported abou the development of a Police-specific App, saying: "Within the framework of smart services, people can use 'My Police' application for the issuance of certificates, passports, or the report of car and home theft."

He stated that currently the police were providing 22 of its services to the people in a smart manner, and added that 'My Police' application can also be used by compatriots abroad.

Still, referring to the development of the 'Mobile Police' smart device, YEGUP Spokesman stated: "This application is widely used in areas relevant to Border Guards Police, Road Police, and Street Police, Iranian Police Criminal Investigation Department."

"The Iranian police has been remarkably successful in detecting criminal acts, especially murder, in recent years, which is a great honor for the country," he noted.

At the end, referring to Iran's membership in Interpol, General Hajian said: "Iran's police can share its experiences and knowledge with other countries through Interpol."


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