Tehran(IP): The Iranian police announced the arrest of the ringleader and members of an espionage network affiliated with the national intelligence agency of Israel known as "Mossad."

Iran PressIran news: The police of Iran announced that a spy network affiliated with the Israeli regime was identified, and its members were arrested.

According to the police announcement, the members of this spy network contacted the handler of the Mossad spy organization, persuaded by one of the leaders of the separatist outfit who has a history of being a mercenary of the Zionist regime.

The five members of the spy network were arrested. They have been misled, with numerous promises, including financial issues, given by the Mossad spy organization, to gather information from vital areas of the country from the first moment of communication, the statement added.

In addition to gathering information, the members of this network started arson, wrote slogans, propagating against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and had received the necessary training for armed operations and sabotage; before any action, all members (5 people) of the network were arrested, the statement continued. 

Some advanced equipment, SIM cards, and mobile phones have been discovered by the members of this network. 


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