The Director-General of the UN nuclear watchdog said that Iran is rapidly making progress in its nuclear program.

Iran PressEurope: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director-general Rafael Grossi, who is in New York to participate in the 10th Conference to Review the Non-Proliferation Treaty said in a press conference on Tuesday evening that the Iranian nuclear program is progressing very, very rapidly.

Grossi went on to say that the Iranian nuclear program in the year 2022 is quite different from its status in 2015. It is progressing and expanding quite rapidly, but this does not mean that we cannot approve it.

He reiterated that in order to approve that broad nuclear program, appropriate with its progress and development, we need access. It is not impossible to approve the Iranian nuclear plan, but approving it requires very comprehensive and essential work.

The IAEA director-general, meanwhile, confirmed that Iran has declared the setting up of its new advanced centrifuges, adding that the IAEA inspectors are ready for performing their inspection tasks and that he will also inform the IAEA Board of Governors about the case.