Colombian President Ivan Duque reported Sunday that Roque Antonio Gonzalez, allegedly an important leader of a dissident group of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), has been killed.

Iran PressAmerica: "Alias 'Roque', leader of the GAOR E-33 of the FARC dissidents in Tibu, Norte de Santander, has fallen. This criminal intended to frighten the civilian population and was neutralized thanks to the joint and coordinated work of our public forces," the president tweeted.

According to the military, the insurgent leader was "one of the criminals who appeared in videos" circulated this week, in which FARC dissidents appeared to be carrying out patrols in Tibu.

After the videos were released, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano said that authorities will not allow FARC dissidents to instill fear in the local population.

Molano said Thursday that he has given orders to the army and the police to restore security in Tibu, where several armed groups have heavy influence.

Demobilized in 2016, the FARC has become an opposition political party, but not all of its members have laid down their arms.


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